Barbados - Looking and Feeling Good with Diva

I was proud to be selected for press coverage on the Digital Community Center Internet TV/Radio/Magazines show which you can view here in this edition of Look Good Feel Good Magazine >>

I'm excited to announce my "Stylist Diva's Hair Contest to Win a Trip to Barbados". For more details read this article on me in "Look Good Feel Good Magazine."

Many of you have asked me how I manage to stay so young looking. As you know I am a big advocate of a healthy lifestyle which includes one of my best kept secrets - my skin specialist Smooth.

Smooth is actually located in my salon on Fifth Avenue salon and here is an article about her as well as a special first time client gift certificate. She will be doing a special event in the salon on Sunday, July 17th with more information to come soon.




Stylist of the Year 2005

Diva will be present at Smooth’s symposium. Diva (Stylist of the Year 2005) will be introducing her “Look Good Feel Good Barbados Experience.” Diva is a strong supporter of Smooth’s skin work and organic Kobido products and send her own hair fashion clients to Smooth because as she puts it:

“Clients tell me that my skin looks ten years younger since Smooth has been doing my facials.”

Be sure to enter Diva’s Look Good Feel Good Barbados Experience in which the winner gets two tickets to Barbados, a stay at Diva’s Barbados Villa with a free brunch at water’s edge at the Waterfront Café. Also includes transportation to and from the airport.

Diva, who is an advocate of looking and feeling good, changed her entire lifestyle, not just diet but exercise and skin care as well. She stopped eating refined carbohydrates and began eating more whole foods including fruits and vegetables. She also began drinking plenty of water and taking vitamin supplements. In this process she lost thirty pounds.

Also, she traveled as much as possible to her Barbados villa retreat for as she puts it “relaxation and real sunshine”. It is in part because of her total lifestyle transformation that she now wants share her Barbados Look Good Feel Good Experience with others. Diva is also currently writing a book about health and looking your best.